(Morning and Afternoon) 

(DDA Studio) 
Digital Puppetry Workshop 
Liubo Borissov
 (Artist, Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute)

This beginner to intermediate workshop offers a practical guide to creating a digitally-driven performance controlled by off-the-shelf 3D-sensors and some visual programming. The workshop will cover the full production cycle starting from creating 2D and 3D assets, to building a simple physics-based puppetry rig, to tracking and analyzing live input from the human body with depth cameras and finally triggering audio and visual events in the context of a real-time performance. Some familiarity with the following software and hardware tools is recommended but not required: Photoshop/Maya, Max, OpenNI/Kinect SDK.

10:00am-2:00pm (DDA Studio) 
Photo Stitching 
Bryan Zanisnik
(Artist, Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute and Smack Mellon Fellow)  
Zanisnik demonstrates the technical and conceptual aspects behind his large-scale photographs. They consist of dozens or hundreds of individual shot raw files that are then stitched together using a program called PTGUI and Photoshop. When shooting the image he uses a specially designed panoramic head that is calibrated with a nodal point, that allows the camera to turn on an axis while still keeping the foreground and background in proper alignment.

2:00pm-5:00pm (DDA Studio)  
Greenscreen for Performance

Katie Torn (Artist, Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute and Eyebeam Fellow) 
In this 3 hour workshop students will learn green screen production and post production techniques.  We’ll begin by learning how to set up and shoot green screen with a live actor as subject, and then learn techniques for keying out the green screen footage with After Effects.  (-Professor Katie Torn)

2:00pm-5:00pm (DDA Studio) (DDA Studio) 
Admission + Vinyl Cutting for Art Workshop 
Peter Patchen
 (Artist, Chair of Department of Digital Arts at Pratt Institute)

In this hands-on beginner to intermediate workshop Patchen demonstrates various techniques for working with 3D prints after they are printed. 3D Prints and materials will be provided. Some familiarity with 3D printing is recommended but not required. 

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